Kelly Clarkson Got Divorce Advice From the First Lady

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I cannot persuade the White House to abstain from leading a global imperialist regime. The White House won’t suddenly decide to give people some fucking money every month, even if I ask nicely, nor will it absolve everyone of crushing student loan debt. But if there is any power left in my lowly station as a blogger, please, let it prevent agents of the government from doling out banal dating advice to celebrity singing competition judges/daytime television hosts.


First Lady Jill Biden appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s show today, for reasons that are still unclear to me, but I guess this is the sort of thing people want to punish themselves with first thing in the morning. As part of her interview with Clarkson, she dished out advice, mainly, on Clarkson’s divorce.

That’s weird, right?

It’s not that Jill Biden has no opinions about divorce. She had one, and I’m sure there is plenty to say on the matter, at dinner parties she and Joe have thrown, or to her children.

But this is still a bit weird, so I just have a quick question, before I excise this from my brain: Kelly, why didn’t you ask about the stimmy?

I don’t think Britney Spears owes anybody an explanation about anything, but she certainly doesn’t owe people an explanation about this:

Emrata pregnancy update:


Lisa Rinna might lack a moral compass, or taste. One thing she doesn’t lack? Self-confidence!


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That’s weird, right?

What is so weird about her opinion?