Charles and Camilla Deactivate Social Media Comments Cause They Can't Take The Crown Heat

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Image: Anthony Devlin (Getty Images), Graphic: Twitter (Getty Images)

The Crown is back, which means a whole suite of royal gossip has been dusted off and carried out the archives by the truckload. The current season documents the disastrous relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the simultaneous, disastrous relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Understandably, plenty of people are upset about it.


Prince Charles’s backdoor romance with Bowles, while he was still married to Diana, who gave him multiple children, was a scandal that rocked the royal family for decades. It took years before his public image was rehabilitated past the point of outright scorn wherever he went, and Bowles, in many ways, still lives in Diana’s shadow, 23 years after her death. Unsurprisingly, Prince Charles wants nothing to do with any of it. On Twitter, the little pissbaby’s social media team has outright disabled the replies function.

On a recent tweet, a small notification from Twitter read: “People @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply.” Look at them run!

As a man who lives on the backs of the common people, born into a family enriched by exploitation both domestic and global, ordained for no particular reason besides wealth and Anglicism and military might, Charles has no business opting out of public scrutiny for his past actions. But, I’m also a person who thrives on mess and chaos—and mostly wish I could see him get reamed for running Diana around some more. At least this all stands as proof that the royal family, after a century in the spotlight, are still itty-bitty weaklings. It’s a wonder they haven’t been overthrown yet! It wouldn’t take much effort at all.



There’s so much to unpack when it comes to Americans deciding that other countries should overthrow their governments because we somehow know what’s best for the people of another nation? That’s just a new brand of colonialism, and it’s gross.

I’m a dual citizen who was born and raised in the UK for the first half of my life, and now live in the US. I’m not a super royalist, but I think these hot takes about the royal family from people outside of the UK are so tiresome (minus hot takes about Andrew who I would gladly see prosecuted to the fullest extent). For a lot of people, especially older generations who lived through WWII, the Queen has been a constant, steady presence in their lives. Never partisan, never political—essentially everyone’s favorite grandma.

And the whole bit about living on the backs of “common people” is so tired at this point. It’s easy to find multiple articles about how much money the UK generates from tourists wanting to see the various royal homes, weddings, etc. I think the rest of the world is more concerned with the royal family than most Brits are, tbh.

And also... If I was being bullied online constantly, you bet your ass I would shut that shit down ASAP. It’s so weird to assume that we should be allowed to yell at people on twitter just because they’re public figures and we think we have the right to say horrible things about them?