R.I.P. to Great Tits

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The end of Great Tits approaches.

According to a study conducted by scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Oxford University, as reported by The Independent, great tits—the species of bird, also known by the scientific name Parus major—may go extinct. Unusually warm temperatures could produce earlier Spring seasons and devastate their food sources, which is mostly larvae. So, this isn’t a blog about boobs, but a very depressing one about climate change, a cute bird breed dying out, and our impending apocalypse.

Emily Simmonds, an associate professor at NTNU’s Department of Biology, told The Independent, “When the climate changes, the interactions between different species changes too. If changes happen too fast, species can become extinct. Given conditions with big greenhouse gas emissions, the great tits won’t always be able to keep up with the changes in the larvae supply.” She believes great tits will disappear by 2100 because whole populations won’t be able to find larvae for their chicks.

That’s a bummer, but you know what isn’t? The fact that great boobs (the human kind) continue to exist. You’re welcome!

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