Beyoncé Is British Vogue's December Cover Star, Thank God

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Screenshot: Vogue UK/Conde Nast

A nice thing has happened today, to me, and maybe to everyone else. Edward Enniful, British Vogue’s star editor-in-chief, who has revitalized the dying brand and made it one of Condé Nast’s most sought after publications, released a sneak-peek of the December cover. It features none other than Beyoncé.


It appears there will be three covers for the December issue, per a press release from British Vogue. Above is one of them, and below is another.

Screenshot: Vogue UK/Conde Nast

According to Enniful’s letter from the editor, which accompanied the release, Bey was shot by “the gifted up-and-coming photographer Kennedi Carter on a 20-page fashion story.” According to Carter’s website, her work “aims to reinvent notions of creativity and confidence in the realm of Blackness.” She will also be the youngest photographer, at 21, to shoot a British Vogue cover. Again, can I just stress that Enniful is the best thing that has ever happened to Condé Nast, ever?

Enniful, like most people who have worked with Bey over the years, describes her as “a perfectionist to the core, more than anything,” and that she “wanted her Vogue moment to be filled with positivity as this trickiest of years draws to a close.” Well, that’s nice of her I guess.

The full issue, titled “In Audience With Beyoncé,” cannot hit newsstands soon enough.

Screenshot: Vogue UK/Conde Nast



Three observations:

1 - Love Beyonce’s photos!!!

2 - Why is December so close already?!?

3 - Fuck the Royals and their support of a pedofile, can't stand any more articles praising them!