Hello! Jezebel Has a New Look

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As you may have noticed, this website has gotten a little work done, with a revamped layout, font, and logo color. (We’ve been wearing the same clothes for eight months straight, gotta put that energy somewhere!) In place of our bright red logo color, we’ve deepened the red into a Vamp-adjacent brick, both to reflect our overall sanguine moods and because it’s a classic hue that endures trends and epochs, yet also somehow ducked out of those few years when thongs and low-rise jeans were the height of fashion, rather than a thing orchestrated to make our buttholes feel agitated.

Our font also has acquired a serif, a very fanciful addition to the family that also makes it slightly more serious when we write the incisive pieces you’ve grown to love, such as “Ben Shapiro Stumped by Wet Pussy” or “I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Coronavirus.” Our redesign is meant to showcase even more of the great work that we do at Jezebel, in a more organized and flossier fashion, and to give you something nicer to look at.

If you absolutely desire the familiar infinite blogscroll of yore, well, you can just bookmark this link and scroll the blog away. As ever, tip us at tips@jezebel.com or if you want to beef about a serif (but only then), email me directly at julianne@jezebel.com. Thank you for reading, and onward into the 21st Century!

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It’s stupid and I hate it.

You know what I, and I’m going on a limb and guessing...90% of Jezebel (and other associated sites) readers want?

A 100% pure linear feed of stories. None of this “category” bullshit.

Fuck whatever upper management DB approved of this change because it generates 5% more “clicks” or whatever.