Show Us Your Kids' Halloween Costumes

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Image: Mario Tama (Getty Images)

Halloween is going to fucking suck this year in most parts of the U.S., where the little children and the parents who love them are restricted from going out and begging for candy from strangers. But there is one group of patriots that can lift both the living and deceased spirits of Halloween lovers the world over: babies.


Parents, we want—no, we need—to see photos of your precious lumps of flesh dressed up as whatever it is the babies these days are clamoring to be dressed. Do they want to be the debate fly? Are they going for a classic scary costume? Will the be dressing as their favorite 2020 meme? I don’t really understand how babies operate, but I’d love to learn more about their costume choices.

So if you want to be a good person and share the joy that your baby brings whenever it dresses up, either leave your photos in the comments or send them to by Monday, October 19, to be featured in a baby-tastic Halloween post. Please include your baby’s name or nickname and what made them choose their costume, or let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous. If having your baby’s face splashed across a website that uses not-baby-safe language, please feel free to blur it out or pop a mask on that kid because masks are for winners.

Parents of older children are also encouraged to drop old baby costume photos, or photos of yourselves as a costumed baby, to help us all get through the unbearable week of Amy Coney Barrett hearings ahead! We just wanna see some babies in costumes!


Joan Summers

Here is a photo of a Scooby Doo costume my miracle worker mom made for me from a pattern she found at, uh, I believe Michael’s? My siblings and I were in an elementary school play about Noah’s Ark that happened a few weeks before Halloween, and cuz she didn’t have much money to spend on three kids costumes, Scooby Doo was on Noah’s Ark as well, lol.