Covid-Riddled Georgia High School Promises to Learn Its Lesson for 2 Whole Days

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Last week, a photo went viral showing a crowded hallway full of maskless students at a high school in Paulding County, Georgia, and to the surprise of absolutely not a single person, the school ended up reporting a covid-19 outbreak. But don’t worry, they’re closing the school...for two whole days.

CNN reports that North Paulding High School will transition to virtual learning after it reported nine cases of covid-19. Unfortunately, that transition will only take place on Monday and Tuesday for now.

“As a result of our being informed of nine cases of Covid-19 at North Paulding High School following the first week of in-person instruction, along with the possibility that number could increase if there are currently pending tests that prove positive, we have consulted with the Department of Public Health and are temporarily switching the instructional method to Digital Learning at NPHS,” Paulding County Schools Superintendent Brian Otott wrote in a letter to students and their families.


Otott added that the school will determine whether or not to reopen after Tuesday, and that in the meantime, “the school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected,” though as we’ve learned repeatedly, sanitizing surfaces isn’t actually all that helpful in fighting the novel coronavirus. What’s helpful is mask-wearing and social distancing, two things students at North Paulding High School don’t seem to be doing (and we can probably blame the administration for that).

Considering how quickly and quietly covid-19 spreads, and how it takes an average of about five days post-exposure for the virus to even really manifest, I’m sure two days of Zoom classes will do the trick.


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For fuck’s sake. I’m glad my youngest kid (11th grade this year) attends a school system that announced weeks ago that everything would be online, but the superintendent also said “for the first quarter” and that after that they were planning in-school part time. The high school he goes to has FIVE THOUSAND STUDENTS and the hallways between classes look EXACTLY like the one posted. Do they really think that in 3 months time it’ll be safe for even half the students to be crammed into that place?

My kid has requested that we (my husband and I) allow him to drop out, take the GED course and test, and let him to skip forward to the local (now completely) online Community College. My husband is a little hesitant, but I’m all for it. This kid has already been through enough crap over the last 5 years in this school system since he came out as a trans boy. If he can skip the next two years of total fucking chaos and a deadly virus in addition to the horrendous bullying he’s dealt with, I say YES.