This Is Just a Nice Story About Some Penguins on a Museum Field Trip

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I have had very few delights in this pandemic, for obvious reasons. I bought a bike, which has helped a bit. But beyond that, one of my only joys has been keeping up with the penguins at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. With museums, zoos, and aquariums in Chicago closed up until recently, the penguins had free rein of Shedd, and would walk around all day visiting their aquarium friends. I was very jealous, but also enthralled.


Museums in Chicago are open again, for better or for worse, which means the Shedd penguins now have human company. But that hasn’t stopped them from paying visits to their animal friends, dead or alive—and last week, they went on a field trip to the The Field Museum of Natural History to pay homage to their ancestors, the dinosaurs. (The Field Museum doesn’t open for another couple of weeks.)

I fucking love these penguins:

Frankly, I’m annoyed I wasn’t invited. I’m just a 13-hour drive away, you fools:

Invite me to your next hang, cowards. Things here (on my couch) are bleak.




Working Class Gyros

I just purchased a house. It’s my first one. It has a big backyard, and I’m not entirely sure what motivated me to stock it with bird feeders and baths, but thank god I did. Ever since the effects of pandemic isolation set in, seeing those grackles go splashing through the bird baths, flapping their wings wildly, spraying water everywhere while croaking and shrieking up to the skies “YAH YAH YAH GETTING WET GETTING WET YAH YAH YAH!!!” never fails to send me into long, laughing fits, and is exactly the kind of rejuvenating effect I so badly need. These penguin videos are more of the good stuff. There’s another set of videos out there of humane society cats being let loose in the Cincy or Miami aquarium. Highly recommended. Cheers.