Judge Temporarily Blocks the Release of Tell-All Memoir by Trump's Niece

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A judge has temporarily blocked the release of an unflattering tell-all penned by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary.


Titled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, the book has been billed as a damning memoir that’s already reached fourth place on Amazon’s best-seller list. But a judge granted a restraining order to Mary’s uncle, Robert, the president’s younger brother, on the basis that it violates a confidentiality clause that Mary signed in a settlement.

Mary’s attorneys have already said they intend to appeal the ruling, telling the BBC that,

“The trial court’s temporary restraining order is only temporary but it still is a prior restraint on core political speech that flatly violates the First Amendment.”

“This book, which addresses matters of great public concern and importance about a sitting president in an election year, should not be supressed even for one day.


The book, which reportedly details “a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse,” was originally set to be published on July 28, less than a month ahead of the Republican National Convention. Among other revelations, it contains details on how Mary provided the New York Times with documents that led to its Pulitzer-winning investigation into Donald Trump’s finances, which alleged that the president had received more than $400 million from his father’s real estate holdings.

The Trump administration also recently sought to block the publication of a memoir by former national security advisor John Bolton. It failed. 

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Who is the dumbass judge in this case?  Prior restraint is basically always unconstitutional. If the release of the book would violate an NDA, the remedy is damages under the NDA, not an injunction. This judge would get an F in any First Amendment law class.