Saturday Night Social: Fighting Pottery Barn in the Name of Freedom

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The great freedom fighters of our time appear to have turned their attention from Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins to Pottery Barn, whose employees selfishly prefer not dying of a virus over selling customers overpriced couches at all hours.

Former U.S. Representative Scott Stone, a Republican from North Carolina, pitched a fit on Twitter on Friday after spotting a local Pottery Barn’s announcement that they were now open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. “by appointment only.” Retailers are slowly opening in North Carolina after lockdown measures shuttered most businesses, Pottery Barn among them. Still, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and stores are trying to use capacity limits and other measures to permit social distancing.

Appointment-only hours are a good way to police capacity and protect customers and staff. And yet, Stone sees this small inconvenience to him as an affront to Liberty:


He’s not done!

Oh, but there’s more!


Mecklenburg County is lucky they only had 72 deaths, but as everyone who knows even the slightest thing about viruses—and that apparently does not include Rep. Scott Stone—understands, low death counts do not mean the virus is vanquished. Indeed, 72 deaths in a county of 1.1 million isn’t even that few, considering the entire nation of New Zealand had only 21 deaths total, and still shut down for nearly two months.

I expect we’ll see more and more of these unhinged “freedom fighters” as economies continue to restart, since it seems the act of calling a store ahead of time is far too much of an infringement for some casual furniture purchasers. Hope everyone had a nice week and has a good holiday weekend, except for Scott Stone.


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Cheers Pink Ears!

They’re allowed to be open, and they are open. They are also allowed to set their own store hours and rules, like no beverages in the store, so what’s the problem here Scott?

Anyway, is anyone cooking anything special for the holiday weekend? I got a new cookbook for my birthday, Sababa, about Israeli food, and yesterday I left work early and made a feast for dinner. The author, Adeena Sussman, says in the book that she created kebab burgers because she has trouble keeping the kebabs on the skewer, and turning them on the grill, and I thought, yes, I too have had that problem, so I ran with her idea and made kebab turkey meatballs, matbucha (the tomato pepper sauce in the ramekin) for dipping the meatballs and the pita, and a nice salad. And, preserved lemon paste, the light yellow blob on the right side of the plate. I am not normally a fan of raw garlic, but this paste is amazing. I am thinking of more ways to use it, and planning on buying big bags of lemons to make more preserved lemons, so I can have it on hand. I think it would fantastic on grilled fish.