Chloë Sevigny Gives Birth to Child With Pronounceable Name

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Screenshot: Instagram

Chloë Sevigny announced the birth of her son via Instagram post, sharing that the tiny bundle of joy came into the world on May 2nd. Congratulations to her for having a Taurus sun-Virgo moon child, one of the best astrological mixes one can attain. The baby’s name is Vanja Sevigny Mačković, which feels a lot easier to pronounce than some other babies that have recently landed on earth.


Baby Vanja, who will probably grow up to be an artistic moody New Yorker, appears to be blessed with a perfectly round head and itty bitty round ears that resemble thick-cut potato chips. He’s basically perfect as are most babies freshly sprung from the oven. Pleasant news during these times. Who would have thought? No doubt that once he is allowed outdoors, there will be tons of photos of him looking every bit as fashionable and good looking as his parents. 


I’m going to assume that this is an homage to Miss Vanjie and nobody better tell me otherwise.