I'm Inspired By This 5-Year-Old Who Tried to Drive to California to Buy a Lamborghini

Unidentified hero
Unidentified hero
Photo: Utah Highway Patrol (Twitter)

The children, once again, are out here proving that they are indeed the future, as evidenced by this small hero’s determination to get what he wants.


The Utah Highway Patrol pulled over a car that was driving erratically on a freeway on Monday, only to discover that the person behind the wheel was a 5-year-old boy with $3 in his pocket and a dream in his heart: to make it to California and buy a Lamborghini. CNN reports that the unidentified child took off in his parents’ SUV because they would not buy him a Lamborghini.

State Trooper Rick Morgan assisted the child after pulling him over, helping him get the car into park. “He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there,” Morgan told KSL-TV. No charges were filed at the time, and while the CNN write-up doesn’t indicate if the child was delivered back to his parents’ house, one has to assume he was? The petit criminal reportedly stole away with the family car while under the care of his siblings, CNN reported. I assume those siblings are now grounded for the rest of their lives or until they turn 21, whichever comes first.

As someone who apparently left the house and walked towards the freeway at the age of 2 because my father refused to buy me Fozzie the Bear’s Sidesplitting Joke Book (Please Laugh), I strongly identify with this young king and his determined spirit.

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