Here's a Slightly Crotchety Baby In the Tiniest PPE You've Ever Seen

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A hospital in Thailand is distributing tiny face shields for newborn babies to protect against the coronavirus. The effect is somehow sad, dystopian, and extremely cute all at the same time, reproducing the confused stew of jumbled-up emotions that I personally am experiencing at all times!

Buzzfeed reported that Praram 9 Hospital in Bangkok is handing out the masks, not for constant wear, but for brief, vulnerable situations like the trip home; officials told BBC Thailand it was one of the things they’re doing to give moms “peace of mind.” Nor are they the only hospital opting for the shields, either. The image is a horrible reminder of just how much fear and uncertainty expectant parents are facing right now. But the baby modeling the look looks so perfectly cute and so quietly affronted at this nonsense that the pictures are, nevertheless, life-affirming. Truly, I love this kid’s attitude.

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Yesterday was a weird day, hello new normal. My niece gave birth to a little girl and my best friend’s dad died. Damn, slap in the face of the circle of life and all that. Sad that my sister couldn’t be with her daughter but glad that everything turned out alright. She had a c-section which freaks me out a little but, healthy baby healthy mom.