The Spotted Pig Might Close Following Sexual Harassment Settlement

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Eater reports that Manhattan restaurant the Spotted Pig—whose owner, Ken Friedman, was recently ordered to pay out a $240,000 sexual harassment settlement to employees—seems to be struggling financially and might close soon.


The staff’s reportedly been told to look for new jobs, which can’t be a good sign. Apparently, customers have also heard the 20-year-old restaurant might shutter after this weekend.

Per Eater:

Rumors started flying less than a week ago that the restaurant would soon shutter, and by Sunday, as news traveled that the restaurant was running out of food, the Pig began offering a limited menu. On social media, staffers and customers have also begun alluding to an impending closure, though the precise timing of it is not clear.

Friedman denied the closure on Saturday and did not respond to multiple follow up questions on Sunday regarding rumors about the West Village institution’s end.

In December 2017, Friedman was accused in a New York Times report of sexually harassing, groping, and sexually coercing women employees; employees also said he permitted famous friends like accused sexual assaulter Mario Batali to grope and harass them, then fired them when they complained. Earlier this month, Friedman agreed to distribute a $240K settlement among employees, in addition to 20 percent of restaurant profits over the next decade.

It’s unclear what will happen to the settlement if the restaurant closes—the settlement mandates that employees get a share of profits in the event of a sale, but there’s no word on whether there’s a stipulation for what happens if it shutters.




But what do they get when he opens a new restaurant next week? this seems like a very obvious and gross way to get out of having to pay.