Saturday Night Social: This Florence Pugh Mukbang Saved My Life

Florence Pugh for Vogue
Florence Pugh for Vogue
Screenshot: YouTube

Unlike voting, which is a right, blogging for Jezebel is one of my life’s greatest privileges. However, sometimes even waking up to do something you love requires a little bit of external motivation.


For me, today, that motivation was delivered via this video where Florence Pugh mukbangs (participates in a mukbang? does a muckbang of?) 11 proper English dishes while wearing a banana pudding-yellow dress that I want to borrow and never take off.

The video, reminiscent of the ‘I Want Candy’ scene of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, which was basically porn for me, contains a little bit of everything that I care about; pastry, roasts, couture, British women, a Tide to go pen, and now being added to that list, Florence Pugh saying tzatziki.


If anyone’s got Florence’s number, feel free to send it my way because I’ve got a questions about a dress, but if not, I’ll settle for hearing about what’s motivating you and bringing you some joy in the comments below.

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Mistletoe is rumored to be going home soon. But first, she must complete her assignment of wreaking havoc in the Blue Unit. This photo of an unguarded moment shows her plotting her next move.

(Narrator voice): Moments later, our young mischief maker succeeded in escaping her room. As she saunters down the hall, here we see her freeze in place, realizing she is being watched by other kitties. Her tail immediately puffs up to three times its normal size.

I learned Guthrie may also be going home soon, so I made sure to have one last cuddle session with him.

It’s the eternal struggle. Me trying to scritch Dash vs. Dash trying to chew the bejeebers out of me.

Remi is such a beauty!

Marlin collects his weekly luvins.

He also pried open the door while I was de-furring and enjoyed freedom for a brief moment.

Erle Stanley’s coming out for me is pretty much a given now.

Sundance sees the aftermath of a tummy rub and wonders if she should get one for herself. She didn’t.

She truly does not know what she’s missing, does she, Erle Stanley?

Tony Stark joined Erle Stanley’s room. He’s very shy and sweet, so he’ll fit right in.

My latest project is Angie. She was spayed through our TNR program a few years ago, but was not released (she should have been). She stayed with someone for a while and got reasonably used to them but no one else. She is quite frightened and may never be ready to be adopted. So I started lullaby therapy as soon as the quarantine was lifted. I would put the speaker on a shelf next to hers, sang along softly through two playings of the song, then left the speaker to play while I visited other kitties. She seemed to be soothed by the music. for a brief time, she let me gently stroke her chest. This is going to take a long time.

Sherman is our latest FIV+ resident. Handsome, sweet boy.

Roulette was returned to us. Remember Holly and Toby, the “Jim and Pam” of the shelter? There is bad news. Toby passed away, and Roulette, who was adopted by the same family, was bullying Holly, so Roulette had to come back. I was glad to see Roulette, but I wish it could have been under better circumstances.

Sweetie and Ninja are catching the Sundance/Erle Stanley vibe.

Five new kittens joined us - Angus, Axl, Lita, Lars and Lennox. They’re a bit frightened and shy at the moment, but the magical appeal of string will soon have them wreaking havoc.

Thunder enjoys the view from Mt. Krispy again.

I love his kinky tail!

Downstairs, I continued working on Bench. He’s very much into tummy rubs, but won’t yet come out of his box.

Claudia very much wanted to meet him, but some meddling hooman decided to take her home with them.

To distract Griss from chewing my charging cord, I tossed this cloth toy on his back. He had the hardest time trying to get it off, until he spun around in a circle, and it literally helicoptered off of him!

Savannah is completely deaf, but it doesn’t bother her at all.

I can never resist giving Max some attention when he asks for it, especially because he asks so nicely.

Finally, the frisky kittens - Quinn (ebony tabby), Quincy (ebony tabby and white), and Stitch (blue tabby) - turned my body into their personal jungle gym.

An added note: Quinn and Quincy were found in a plastic grocery bag, quite cold, when a man was picking up trash at his workplace. The kittens were only around 10 days old at the time. The man fed them and kept them warm overnight, until one of our fosters could take them. Stitch was found in a pile of leaves when he was about three weeks old, by someone raking their leaves. He was bottle-fed by a neighbor, then moved to the same foster home as Quinn and Quincy once he could eat on his own.

All three were adopted this past Thursday.