It's So Disappointing That Prince Andrew Had a Great Christmas Card to Send Off This Dumb Decade-Long Year

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It pains me so much to type this: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson sent an excellent Christmas card to send off the year that never ended. Most of us just had bad relationships and long-suffering jobs to say goodbye to; Andrew had to justify his continued friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and losing his public royal duties.


The 2019 card featured a photo of Andrew and Ferguson’s dog’s ass with a very simple serif message: “Say Goodbye to 2019.” The other card is so banal and says “We Look to the Road Ahead” with a picture of the royal Balmoral estate.

Inside, the cards said, “We are united with gratitude for your support and kindness, Thank you.” The Sun reported that the names of the pair’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie were on the cards. [Vanity Fair]

Today in mansion news, Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick bought a 4,636-square-foot house with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 2 bedrooms in a guesthouse, and a swimming pool. The pair for it all in $28 million in cash. CASH.

The Malibu mansion was previously owned by Robbie Williams and Ayda Field for $20.25 million in July. Before that it was owned by a Netflix executive and leased by Janet Jackson.

Rodgers and Patrick have been dating since at least January 2018. [TMZ]

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  • Julianne Hough posted about a remembrance of her two dead dogs on Christmas. [Us Weekly]
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So, isn’t it a bit weird for Andrew and Sarah to be sending out a joint card aside from just the general craziness of the situation he’s in to begin with? Why do they have to be so weird and thirsty and desperate?

Sarah has been publicly defending her ex-husband. In a recent interview with Vogue Arabia, she said, “When I talk about Prince Andrew, I talk about family because the last six months have been hard on the girls and me. To see such a wonderful man go through such enormous pain. He is the best man I know. It’s just incredible what he has done for Britain, and it’s all nonsense.”