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It’s finally Christmas Eve, which is my favorite time of year because it means there will be so many tamales in my family’s kitchen! Tamales are the prefect way to celebrate the holidays for so many reasons. Let me count the ways.


Reasons Tamales Are Amazing:

  1. You can support a small business, that abuela down the street!
  2. You can make them with your family and bond over family gossip!
  3. They can accommodate a variety of eating needs (i.e. don’t alienate vegetarians)
  4. They remind me of home :)

I will also be eating green chile stew and cheese and onion enchiladas and maybe pork tacos, if someone remembered to buy pork. I hope your holiday meals are filled with things that make you happy and full and taste good! I’m feeling very earnest tonight on Nochebuena. How are you spending this glorious night?

Even if you aren’t Mexican, I hope you get tamales. Just remember to take off the corn husks ;)

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