Year in Review 2019Year in Review 2019Remembering the year that you, me, and everyone we know was canceled. Rest in peace

This is the final round of Jezebel’s Cancel Tournament 2019. We made it! Whatever you deem the most canceled will be revealed tomorrow.


On Monday, we narrowed down the Final Four in what turned out to be a tight race. Logan Paul (12) beat out The FOX News Blondes (10) for cancelation, 50.5 percent to 49.5 percent, but I have to say I disagree with the results. (Those women have real political influence, and Paul is simply a dickhead with an audience too young to vote!) In the other half of the bracket, you voted to cancel Influencers (4) over Celebrity Religious Cults (3), 68.7 percent to 31.3 percent, which brings us to the end. Who will win? Which means who will lose?

One question remains: Which of these deserves to be ultimately canceled? Logan Paul (12) or Influencers (4)?

You have 24 hours to cast your vote below.

There is ONE question in the form below. Once you vote, the next question will pop up. To go back and change a vote, click the arrows. Click “Submit” at the end to make sure your votes count! Remember, you’re voting for the thing you’d like to be canceled.

The winner will be revealed tomorrow.

Until then, check out the full bracket and consider how far we’ve come.

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