It Sounds Like Julie Andrews May Have Seen a Real Orgy

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Does America’s grandmother not know an orgy when she sees one? Or is she simply pretending that the naked cuddling she once witnessed on-set was “sweet” because no one wants to imagine Mary Poppins gaping at group sex?

On Wednesday’s episode of Ellen, Andrews dropped by to talk about an almost orgy she witnessed on the set of her husband, director Blake Edwards’s, movie 10, starring Bo Derek, those unfortunate cornrows, Dudley Moore, and Andrews. On a day she wasn’t filming, Edwards told Andrews she had to get down to the set in order to watch a lot of people who’d made a living out of having orgies in the 1970s hang out naked, not having an orgy:

“What Blake had done was hire an awful lot of people who really are very at ease doing orgy films, I guess. And I walked in and everybody was stark naked and lying around very happily and casually, treating it totally normally.”


But the whole thing was “adorable” because Dudley Moore was too little to even do group sex:

“And there was sweet Dudley in the middle of it all. And you know, he wasn’t very, very tall. And Blake put him between two enormously statuesque ladies. So, he was completely naked and these two ladies were naked, but their bums were up here and little Dudley’s was down here. So sweet.”

Call me jaded, but that sounds less sweet and more like those people probably boned the second Maria Von Trapp left the room.

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I know the stereotype is that Americans think America = the whole world, but how are you getting the most ENGLISH of English actresses as “America’s grandma”?!