Moby Really Fuckin' Loves Animals, Man

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It’s halfway through November, a magical time of year—the time of year in which DJ and human q-tip Moby reminds everyone he hasn’t eaten cheese for several decades. On Tuesday, the self-described “musician, DJ, photographer, author, and animal rights activist” commemorated his 32nd vegan anniversary with some rather unsubtle tattoos spelling ANIMAL RIGHTS down the entire lengths of his seitan-nourished arms. Moby appears particularly committed to maintaining his brand as a man who deeply loves and appreciates other living organisms: Two years ago around this time, he shared photographs of what was allegedly “Tucker” the kitten, the rescue cat that taught a 10-year-old Moby that all animals have “an amazingly rich emotional life and a deep desire to avoid pain.” Moby’s ANIMAL RIGHTS tattoo joins a neck tat that reads VEGAN FOR LIFE. “ “Animals are so lucky to have you making a difference daily,” PETA wrote on his Instagram post. [Page Six]

Widely acknowledged asshole Justin Bieber and “more than a model” wife Hailey Baldwin are on some performative cohabitational coupledom this week, posting an Instagram story in which Bieber accuses his better half of farting in the car. You don’t really have to watch the video, it’s exactly what you would expect—”It’s not funnnnyyyyyy,” she wails as she covers her face. Today, much like every day, Jezebel is pleased to not be married to three 12-year-old boys squished under a single snap-back.


  • General Hospital and Days of Our Lives actor Tyler Christopher was arrested on his 47th birthday for public intoxication in Martinsville, Indiana—a town with four bars, one of which is a Chili’s. [TMZ]
  • Demi Lovato and model-boyfriend Austin Wilson posted coordinated couple photos to Instagram. Previously, Wilson dressed as a model-Mario for Halloween. [E! Online]
  • Official Mucinex Spokesman Jason Biggs plans to swathe his children in Bubble Wrap [Page Six]
  • Jamal Harrison Bryan, a pastor who hosted Kanye West’s Sunday services in Atlanta, breaks his silence to note that West’s views on slavery are actually very bad [People]
  • Busy Phillips hosted a “Holiday Crafternoon” at Michaels craft store. Phew! [Just Jared]

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Imagine having the idea for a tattoo and THAT being the idea.