More Airports Should Be Filled With Support Animals

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I love a story about someone trying to squeeze a weird support animal onto a flight: peacocks, hamsters, squirrels, I want it all. But while many have their precious “support animals” turned away because they’re not allowed or incorrectly certified, one airport is bringing the support animals to you.


For the past six years the San Francisco International Airport has created a program to let people stressed out about flying chill out with therapy animals. The Washington Post reports that one of the most popular animals is LiLou, a hypoallergenic pig who can play a toy piano. “She’s like an A-list celebrity walking through the airport,” the guest services manager at the airport says. “She attracts a lot of attention.” There’s also a handful of dogs who roam the terminals as well, offering their services like the little good boys that they are!

My question is: why isn’t this a thing everywhere? The WaPo reports that the program was inspired by one in Los Angeles and that “similar efforts have been introduced in at least 50 airports across the country.” But the next time I roll up to JFK and there isn’t a tiny pig walking around in a lil’ cowboy hat, I’m going to scream. Maybe that’s when I end up on some viral list about crazy support animal airport stories?

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The last time I flew, a nice lady had a therapy/support dog. I am not afraid of flying, and I am not stressed about it beyond all the indignities and violations of our autonomy and privacy associated with flying post-9/11. However, I like dogs, so I enjoyed patting it.