Saturday Night Social: Mind the Gap, and the Golden Retrievers

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If I’m ever woofed at on my morning commute, chances are it’s because I’ve forgotten to silence Scruff notifications from the previous evening (brag). However, that’s not nearly as satisfying as what the folks at the Barnes train station outside of London were treated to earlier this week.

A pack of literal sunshine clouds made manifest, otherwise known as Golden Retrievers, were at the station, to the joy and admiration of morning commuters. Sure, they were there not by an act of divine intervention, but because they were part of a calendar shoot for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home — a U.K. animal shelter, but honestly what’s the difference?

Here’s to hoping all our commutes are filled with packs of Golden Retrievers, or at least, not with single tracking train cars.

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I’m dragging right now. I’ve shared this before, but I’ll share again: I’m a high school teacher, and the area where I teach is struggling with its own opioid crisis. In the past two weeks, three of my students have died. The oldest was a 32 year old with a thirteen year old son. The younger ones were both 24. As I told my classes this week at a particularly vulnerable moment, I’m 49. You all should be burying me. I shouldn’t be burying you. It’s just so awful. I know a lot of people in society believe addiction is the addict’s fault, and they don’t really give a shit if an addict dies, but these addicts are still human beings. They’re someone’s family, and someone will mourn their loss.

At any rate, I emailed the mayor on Monday and asked if he could read Dreamland. I think Portsmouth, Ohio is a lot like the community where I teach, and I think we can learn a lot from the book. I gave the mayor my copy of the book, and he and I are going to meet in a couple of weeks to talk about the problem. I don’t have a lot of profound answers, but I’ve seen too many kids get consumed in the past ten years to do nothing.

Tl;dr addiction is hellish and I'm hurting.  Thanks for listening. Be well, all.