Please Enjoy Millie Bobby Brown's Extremely Minimalist Skincare Routine

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I’d been led to believe that one of the essential elements of washing one’s face was water, if not also face wash, but Millie Bobby Brown has shown me otherwise. I’d also mistakenly thought that one of the primary goals of washing one’s face was to cleanse it of makeup, but there, too, I was wrong.

Brown, known as “Mills” to her friends and you, demonstrated an elaborate night time routine to promote her skincare line Florence By Mills, complete with misting, scrubbing, washing, and moisturizing. The only problem is that she didn’t actually appear to use any of the products she’s selling.


“You immediately feel better,” she exclaimed after rubbing her dry, product-less hands over her face, pantomiming using the line’s face wash. And if you’re wondering about her favorite part of her skin care routine, it’s when she rubs her dry, product-less hands over her face yet again, mimicking applying moisturizer. “It needs refreshing, and that is what Florence does for my skin,” she said, sounding relaxed even as zero drops of Florence appear to have left the bottle.

If you’re confused about what’s going on here, I’ll have you know it’s called acting. She didn’t land that role on Stranger Things for nothing, amirite?

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eugene levy's eyebrows

I did jackshit as a teenager with regard to a ‘skincare’ routine. I maybe washed my face once a week and if I had make-up on, it might have been cleaned off with in 48 hours.

Now in my late 30's? I have all the face washes, sponges, moisturizers, and masks.  Make up must come off before bed or else my skin is a shitshow.  I get regular breakouts now.  

Enjoy your youth, MBB. It’s fleeting. ;)