Leonardo DiCaprio's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Mustache Kept Getting in His Mouth

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Leonardo DiCaprio is having one hell of a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood media cycle. First, we were hit with the big reveal that he has NO COMMENT on whether or not Jack Dawson could have fit on that godforsaken door in Titanic, and now we’ve discovered he spent half of Quentin Tarantino’s new film trying to spit fake mustache out of his mouth. Something, something, you hate to see it? Am I doing this right?

In the film, DiCaprio’s actor character has to wear a ridiculous Western-style mustache, and since the movie takes place in 1969, the mustache has the added non-benefit of being a ridiculous Western-style mustache as envisioned by hair and makeup people in the 1960s, an era full of very silly facial hair and much less realistic makeup tools. This makes the mustache extra silly, and not particularly comfortable for an actor to wear. So reports The Hollywood Reporter, per an interview with DiCaprio’s personal makeup artist, Sian Grigg:

“The mustache drove Leo mad, because I had to leave it really long and it always went in his mouth,” says Grigg, who used WM Creations glue to keep the piece on the skin. “It was so hot out and the mustache kept going in his mouth, and he’d be spitting it out. He did the same thing in the scene as they filmed ‘off camera’ when he was supposed to be losing it a bit. It made us laugh as he kept spitting it out and the wig was quite long as well.”


Poor Leo. All that, and he doesn’t even need an Oscar. [The Hollywood Reporter]

On Monday, former cast members from the Nickelodeon program Zoey 101 reunited to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the show’s series finale. Unfortunately, Zoey—i.e., Jamie Lynn Spears—didn’t show up. Allegedly, she fell asleep:

I too frequently miss plans because I “fell asleep,” i.e., decided I’d prefer to watch twelve hours of Outlander than spend twelve minutes with whomever I deigned to make plans for. Take that information for what it’s worth, Zoey 101 cast members. [People]

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Jameela Jamil and Piers Morgan got in some kind of argument over Meghan Markle.

I’m not even going to go look at the story to know that Jamil was right in whatever-the-hell she launched at him.  He is so horrible and she is so not.