Megan Rapinoe’s ESPYs Look Was So Good It Almost Restored My Faith in This Country

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The 2019 ESPY Awards, which stands for “Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award,” and is not a misspelling of Etsy like I originally thought, took place last night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, who won the 2019 World Cup, also took home the award for Best Team. Frankly, there should’ve been a separate category for Megan Rapinoe’s short suit, because I am in awe. Let’s take a closer look at the full ensemble, shall we?

Image: Getty

From top to bottom: her lavender locks, her open-breasted blazer top (satin lapels! no shirt!), those leather shorts, the white socks that very well could’ve come from Costco for all I know, those flat black oxfords. She has somehow made sexy the stupid shit AC/DC used to wear. In addition to being a modern day hero, I’m brave enough to reveal, she has become a style icon. I am moved. And I am now on the hunt for pleather shorts. They’re appropriate for no weather, but they look incredible nonetheless. Plus, I’m sure when you’re as talented as these women, you don’t get swamp ass. And if that’s not the American Dream, I don’t know what is.

Equal pay, and more looks like these, please.

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