Liv Tyler Is a 'Secret Plumber'

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That headline isn’t a euphemism for anything; Liv Tyler just spends a lot of time hanging out with plumbers.


According to a recent interview with the New York Post, Tyler has a ton of non-famous friends, like John the Plumber:

“I’m a secret plumber. I’m always hanging out with my plumber,” says Liv, who just had dinner with her NYC plumber, John, whom she’s known for years.

Or the person who drove her around while filming Harlots:

She also recently bonded with her “Harlots” driver, who used to own a plumbing company. The two hung out in the boiler room of her West London townhouse after work one day, investigating a water issue.

I would say that this is pretentious humble bragging about how well she can speak the language of common folk and to just let people do their jobs if I didn’t grow up in a household where it wasn’t unusual to come home from school and find my mother serving Diet Cokes to postal workers or fishing off our pier with a person she’d struck up a conversation with at the grocery store. Some people are just very good at forming connections with others in a way that baffles me, a human being who has trouble stringing together two words that make sense in response to “How are you?”

Anyway, Liv Tyler also thinks Brad Pitt is great:

“Oh my goodness. He’s beautiful, and he’s so special and magical, but I was really taken by what an amazing actor he is!” Liv says. “He’s so present and so open.”


But is he “hanging out in a boiler room investigating a water issue great”?


Would you rather have an other wellness/holistic/fashion brand from another celebrity spawn? I hope Liv creates a plumbing services company