Goop Summit Attendees Feel Scammed, And the Sky is Blue

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Can you believe more people are mad at Gwyneth? Enthusiastic recommender of such fine ideas like sticking a jade egg up the vagina, bee-sting therapy, and using essences that may cure depression, all of which were deemed so dangerous she was fined $145,000 for misleading customers?


Attendees of her recent UK Goop summit are reportedly furious that they paid $5,700 for tickets after realizing the actress is an “extortionist” and “pretentious,” Page Six reports. The event, which included fireside chats with celebrities like Twiggy, a workout with Tracy Anderson, and tips on how to hydrate (what) with a soundbath (what, what?) apparently included very little of Paltrow, who was surrounded by security. Those attending also booked hotels through Goop at $1,300 a night despite the fact that the rooms start at $250 a night.

“Gwyneth acts like she’s a health goddess, but actually she’s a pretentious, greedy extortionist,” an attendee told Page Six, calling her “unapproachable.” I can’t believe someone paid $5,700 to realize that.

Update, 3:17 P.M.: A representative for Goop writes in a statement:

The overwhelming response to our London Summit was incredibly positive. It should be noted that the actual value of the weekend package was over $8000. The cost included a hotel suite (valued at $1600) and a gift bag valued at $3000, among other items. During the event, Gwyneth opened the day, conducted three fireside chats (almost half of the day’s panels) and hosted a workout and Q & A the next day.

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The lack of any semblance of critical thinking out there stuns me way more than it should. I am (oddly) flabbergasted that these things happen over and over and over and nobody ever learns.