Megan Rapinoe Is Not Going to the 'Fucking White House'

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The U.S. women’s soccer team is unfathomably cool and just made it to the FIFA Women’s World Cup quarter finals—but if the team makes it to the end and wins this whole thing, Megan Rapinoe will absolutely not be celebrating at the White House.


Rapinoe is a woman of principles and moxie, qualities that make her a good soccer player. It also means she will not go to “the fucking White House” even if she does lead her team to victory—she’s been protesting the national anthem at games for over three years—and besides, her team probably won’t be invited to the White House anyway.

Here she is explaining this to a reporter from sports website Eight by Eight:


The effortlessness and confidence she exudes here is undeniable. She doesn’t miss a beat, she doesn’t think twice, she eventually elaborates but trusts you to get it. What’s most admirable is that she wastes no time answering this question because she’d rather move on to the other good stuff, like talking about how her team will cream the rest of the competition. I just love sports!

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I applaud and support her and the others for already saying no ahead of the invitation.

The “ugg” is the fact that if they do not win the WWC. Trumplesilskin Fingers is going to go on about how they are losers, had they been nicer to him or supported him they would have own and a list of other bullshit his followers will eat up.

It just ends up as more press and focuses on him. Something he can go back to his rallies with.