Highlights Magazine Denounces Family Separation

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Image: Highlights for Children

Highlights, a magazine for children, has come out strongly against the Trump administration’s family separation policy and generally horrifying treatment of immigrant children and is urging Americans to contact their representatives in protest.


The company, which was founded in 1946 and has since expanded into a whole suite of publications of children of various ages, released a statement on Twitter Tuesday, citing their trademarked company motto: Children Are the World’s Most Important People. “This is a belief about ALL children,” wrote CEO Kent Johnson.

“With this core belief in our minds and hearts, we denounce the practice of separating immigrant children from the families and urge our government to cease this activity, which is unconscionable and causes irreparable damage to young lives,” Johnson continued. “We invite you—regardless of your political leanings—to join us in speaking out against family separation and to call for more humane treatment of immigrant children currently being held in detention facilities. Write, call, or email your government representatives.”

Highlights issued the letter after the latest round of news reports about the absolutely horrifying conditions in which immigrant children are currently being detained, and on the same day that the Associated Press published an absolutely devastating photo of a 23-month-old girl who had drowned with her father, asylum-seekers attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

Here is the letter in full.

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“Goofus says that families should be separated at the border, but Gallant knows that it is a violation of human rights to punish asylum seekers by keeping them in inhumane conditions.”

Seriously, though. Go Highlights! Between this and Raverly I am proud of all sorts of very random companies right now.