Amanda Bynes Graduates From College Amidst Lawsuit With Former Rehab Center

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Amanda Bynes has graduated college! She previously announced in her Paper magazine cover last November that she was on track to earn both an Associates and Bachelors in Merchandising Product Development from FIDM. She’d been at the school since 2014, where she quietly worked on her education and largely took a hiatus from public life. This recent news, then, comes as the first tweet since her cover story. Posting late last night, she said:

A few quick questions: is that a leopard print suit and tie underneath her friends graduation gown? Is he her new business partner in a novelty tuxedo business (which I’m told is quite profitable?) Will she return to the spotlight, as she told Paper? Her re-emergence from college reminds me of her lawyers comments weeks before a lawsuit was filed earlier this month by a treatment center she’d stayed in. Speaking to Access in April, he said:

“She’s doing remarkably well under the circumstances. This time around she realized herself after the recent Paper magazine interview and spread that she really wasn’t feeling like herself all of [the] sudden and that she wanted to address that. She wanted to address it right away before going back into show business and exploring show business again. It was her decision and her choice to address the situation, seek treatment, which I think is an incredibly mature way of handling this type of thing. Right now, her day-to-day is really just focusing on her well-being She’s exercising, yoga. She’s really focusing in on herself, which is very, very important. I know that she will be sure this time around to focus on herself and get better before she leaves the treatment center or wherever she’s seeking help currently.”


For once, I’m wishing the best to her in the journey towards recovery- and hopefully growth!

[ET Online]

At long last, Shangela has weighed in on the gossip maelstrom surrounding Bradley Cooper and Stefani Joanne Ally Maine Angelina Germonatta. Speaking to ET at the The Variety and Mercedes-Benz Power of Pride (?) event, he said:

“Look, A Star Is Born at the root is a passionate love story and these two people deserve love. So, wherever they find it, I’m like, ‘Hallelujah, ya’ll better get it!’ [...] The both of them are really great actors, so when you see them on screen, they have this kinetic energy where you’re just like ‘I live for them. I live for their love.’”

The support from Shangela comes amidst a big news week for Cooper and Germonatta. They’ve already fielded rumors that they’ll be performing at Glastonbury, been blamed for the gossip that “didn’t help” his relationship’s demise, and accused of sharing a “huge and overwhelming connection.” Watch out Shangela! Irina Shayk recently popped up in Italy wearing a menacing leather dress and gloves combo. As various outlets reported: “She’s dressed to kill!”

[ET Online]

Here are two contrasting responses from Bella Thorne on the recent engagement of her ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau to anthropomorphic skid mark Jake Paul. Enjoy!


Finsta response:


Public response:


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I wish Amanda Bynes the best which probably includes staying out of the spot light. Keep it up, girl!

WTF, Bella is trying to show her crocodile tears? What is that close up of her eyeball supposed to prove? I hate that I know who Tana and Jake Paul are, but that relationship is going the crash and BURN.