A Man Allegedly Shot a Baby in the Head in Retaliation for Getting Rejected at a Party

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Image: Fresno Police Department

A 10-month old girl is in critical condition after allegedly getting shot in the head by a man who was upset her mother rejected his advances at a party.


According to the L.A. Times, 23-year-old Marcos Antonio Echartea was following 18-year-old Deziree Menagh around at a party in Fresno, California, ignoring her many attempts to avoid him:

Police say Echartea tried to hold Menagh’s hand inside the home, but she pulled away, leaving the house and telling people outside what had happened.

Later, while sitting on a porch at the home, Echartea tried to force Menagh onto his lap, authorities say. She again pulled away and went inside the residence to get her daughter before leaving the party with a male friend.

Menagh and her friend drove around a block before making a U-turn, and that’s when they saw Echartea walking toward the car. He allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired into the rolled-up driver’s side window three times, striking the baby in the head.

Miraculously, the baby is in critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery to remove bullet fragments from her head.

“We’re very fortunate that she’s alive,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said in a press conference conference over the weekend. “It tears my heart up to see a baby of that age laying in the hospital.”

Echartea was arrested on multiple felony charges, including three counts of attempted murder. He’s also a suspect in another shooting that police said was “over a female;” allegedly firing repeatedly into a house owned by his ex-girlfriend’s partner in May. In that case, a bullet penetrated a wall and came within a foot of hitting a 1-year-old inside the home.



I think about the time I posted the Margaret Atwood quote here and got flamed for days from men who thought it of vital importance that I recognize that it is #NotAllMen. They cited examples of all the times they got rejected and didn’t attack anyone (of course they didn’t get rejected very often because they were Nice Guys™). They derided me for generalizing when, as a woman who should be rightly offended by generalization, I should take care not to repeat the same sin. They talked about how men had fears too, about violent women. Because look at what happened with that noted stalker, the love crazed Lorena Bobbitt. I hurt their fee-fees and g-d damn it, they were availing themselves of their feminist given rights to defend themselves as the beloved sons of mothers (who would be happy to attest to their non-rapey, non-murderous ways). And besides, maybe the women weren’t rejecting the men correctly. Maybe their tone was too harsh. Maybe they being too humorless. Or maybe, just from common courtesy, they should have given the guy a chance to prove that they really didn’t know what was in their own hearts and minds. Because men deserve a chance to win you over. I mean who doesn’t like to be wooed.

Anyway, in this case he got to her through her child. That doesn’t change the relevance of the quote one bit. And now the little girl will know too, if she’s ever told the story, about how Men fear getting laughed at. And women fear being killed.