This is Offensive to Me

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Screenshot: ABC

Does this ensemble perhaps offend your sensibilities as well?

Who is Meghan’s stylist and why is this person allowed to troll her so hard? To this patriotic American—if you’re reading this blog, please get in touch. I have some questions for you.


Senior reporter, Jezebel

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This is why I think all fashion is a made-up thing. I like her top. It has bright colors. I would wear dark glasses to blot out my surroundings is the didn’t make me trip and fall sometimes, and they would be big enough to keep me from clearly seeing anybody if I didn’t like them.

“Fashion” is not a thing. It’s a harmful game where people pretend that random aesthetic choices have the force of morality. It is exactly the same phenomenon as when idiotic men insist that their preference for a particular sports team amounts to a crusade against evil.

You do you, Megan. The world is full of haters (people who exist for the cause of putting others down). You draw more than your share. Stay strong.*

*Of course she’s wrong about abortion, immigration, gay rights, the environment and above all publicly-funded health care. But I didn’t see any of that in the post. All I saw was snarky shaming, and I remember a time (yesterday) when Jezebel was against that kind of thing.