A sloth going by the name Chalupa has given birth at a Colorado Springs Zoo after failing to inform zookeepers that she had been fucking.


Zookeepers didn’t realize that Chalupa’s relationship with her male roommate Bosco had become sexual after four years of living platonically. The pregnancy came as a shock in an unrelated doctor’s visit, as is usually the plot in tales like this. But both baby sloth and mother sloth are thriving. According to People, the gender reveal party won’t be for another few weeks:

The gender of the baby sloth, which was born May 14 at 12:15 p.m., will not be determined for some months, and no name has been decided on as of yet. But the baby seems strong, and first-time mom Chalupa is “exhibiting quality maternal instincts,” the zoo announced Wednesday. Both mom and baby are visible to guests in the zoo’s Monkey Pavilion.”


Were you surprised by any infant sloths this week? I sincerely hope so.

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I have been on SNS the last few weeks crowdsourcing ideas and I am going to continue tonight! So:

If you could go anywhere in the world for two weeks and had a very generous budget, where would you go?

I have some time off in August between jobs and I am going on a trip, but I don’t know where to go! I will be traveling alone and so I will not go somewhere it would be dangerous for a single woman. I’m interested in Positano, but I get bored on the beach. I’d also love to go somewhere adventurous like Alaska, or return to Banff (I went a few years ago during the winter and LOVED it). But I’ve never been to Spain or Italy or Japan. I’m totally paralyzed by the options!