Ikea Is Pivoting to Self-Care, Because If There's One Time You Need Self-Care, It's After Going to Ikea

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The latest brand to hop on the self-care bandwagon is Ikea. This is great, because if there’s one time you truly need some self-care, it’s after slogging through Ikea and then trying to assemble some of their furniture, before sitting in the middle of your floor and crying in frustration.


Fast Company reported on the launch of their new limited-edition Tänkvärd collection, which does include some very pretty and soothing blue linens:

The new Tänkvärd collection, which will debut in stores in April, is dedicated to self-care. “It’s about going back to basic human needs through furniture and textiles,” writes Ikea. It features the company’s first kimono ($25), which Ikea describes as “a garment that you wear that is also connected to the home, especially the bed and bathroom.” It additionally features a rattan bench ($129), which the company dramatically describes as a “place for rest. A place for slipping off your shoes as you settle in for the night. A place that represents calm and ease.”


Some place, in other words, that is the diametric opposite of wandering the enormous maze of an actual Ikea, dehydrated, concerned about how those meatballs are sitting in your stomach, furious at whatever friends and loved ones you accompanied to the store.

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Guys, you’re doing IKEA all wrong. Shop online, put everything on your shopping list, input your store, print. You now have the location of everything you want/need. When you get there, eyes forward, game face on.

Eat meatballs in relaxed satisfaction.