Saturday Night Social: Everyone Relax, Mini Horses Still Fly Free

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In recent years, a spate of news stories about people flying with unusual support animals has made the topic seem like a problem. I would like to posit a solution: flights that are nothing but support animals, people who need them, and people who enjoy them.

American Airlines, however, is not responding to that helpful suggestion and instead is moving to restrict the number of animals that get a free ride in exchange for offering their support. But according to the Dallas Morning News, tiny little horses are still situationally fine:

Passengers who require service animals will now be able to bring up to three on board providing the animal is a dog, cat or –- in some circumstances -– a miniature horse.


So thank Francis of Assisi for that mini horse loophole. Was your week as adorable as a shrunken stallion with a little suitcase all ready to board an airplane?

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