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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth
We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Superstar Machine’s Response to This Article

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The May 10, 2016 Jezebel article about Superstar Machine does not represent Superstar Machine or its founder, International Scherick, at all. What follows are some of the allegations reported in Jezebel’s article, and our response to each one. Our full complaint regarding the article can be read here.

Allegation: Superstar Machine preys on women.

Our response: International developed Superstar Machine for people facing challenges, whether personally or professionally, and who can benefit from life coaching services and from being part of a group where members support each other in their personal development. While anyone—regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation—can join Superstar Machine, it naturally attracts individuals who needed a life coach and support system, rather than individuals who feel stable in their life situations.

Allegation: Superstar Machine entices members with the promises of financial and romantic success.

Our response: Superstar Machine never entices its members with false promises. As of the time of the article, Superstar Machine did not even advertise its services and only gained new members by word-of-mouth. In other words, its members were very happy with the program and voluntarily told others about how it was helping them, and might be something to consider. If an existing member feels that Superstar Machine helps them obtain a career promotion or more fulfilling relationship, it is possible they share their experience with a potential member. But it is not conceivable that a member would represent to a prospective member that they could magically obtain success simply by virtue of joining Superstar Machine, nor would Superstar Machine ever condone any such type of statement.

Allegation: Higher-level membership focused heavily on members’ sex lives

Our response: The group discussions for the higher levels of Superstar Machine are driven by what the members want to discuss. Members are frequently concerned about having good relationships and want to relate successfully in all areas, including sex. This is not the only topic discussed. It is one of many. When sex is discussed, it is done in a fun and light-hearted manner that the members greatly appreciate.

Allegation: Superstar Machine disapproves of having casual sex

Our response: Superstar Machine teaches and believes that when it comes to choosing the right time for sex, individuals should make their own choices.

Allegation: Superstar Machine is a cult.

Our response: It is easy to call something that is unique and different a cult. The fact of the matter is that members can join, leave, and rejoin at any time. Members are never isolated from reality or their families or made to feel as if they need Superstar Machine, or International Scherick, to lead fulfilling lives. To the contrary, the purpose of International’s coaching is to help members harness their own confidence and skills so they can lead successful lives out in the world.

Allegation: International endeavors to convince members that they need his help to succeed.

Our response: Superstar Machine offers a unique and effective set of tools and techniques to help its membership accomplish success in their lives. International frequently illustrates how these tools and techniques contribute to the successes that members often experience, and how without them the same level of success might not be able to be achieved.

Allegation: Superstar Machine has a strict set of rules—including rules about recruitment, communications about the group, and interactions with other members—and would punish members who violated these rules.

Our response: Superstar Machine’s only rules focus on ensuring that members treat each other fairly and with respect and help maintain the integrity of the group. Superstar Machine does not prohibit members from speaking to others about the group nor does it prohibit members from calling or texting one another. It simply encourages its members to treat the group like one would any support group, and not share intimate group details outside of the group. The purpose of this request for discretion is to ensure that its members can be open and honest during meetings without fearing that their private details will later be publicly shared.

Members are not prohibited from contacting one another outside of group meetings. In fact, many members socialize together.

Superstar Machine does not require its members to recruit other members. Members often tell like-minded individuals about the group and invite them to attend an event, but this was done only at the member’s election, because they think the other person might like and benefit from the group in the same way they did.

Allegation: Superstar Machine does not allow any dissent from its membership.

Our response: Superstar Machine is always very open with any and all members when they have concerns. In fact, it is routinely communicated that we want to hear from anybody both about misgivings they might have and ways they think that the group could be improved. We are a tight knit group and members freely exchanged ideas all the time.

Allegation: Superstar Machine teaches women to be subservient to their male partners.

Our response: Superstar Machine teaches the women in the group to honor and respect their romantic partners, whether that partner be male or female, just as they would want to be honored and respected. Superstar Machine views women as holding a lot of power in relationships and teaches them to be leaders in their relationships.

Our final thoughts:

Superstar Machine has and is committed to working with people to help improve their lives. We have had great success in the past, and look forward to continuing this success into the future.

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