Saturday Night Social: Nation's Moms Beleaguered By Threats of Microwaved Turkeys

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: Nations Moms Beleaguered By Threats of Microwaved Turkeys
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This week, children who obviously do not care about the number of Christmas gifts they are to receive panicked their mothers for the internet’s amusement. Did you?


Anyway, let’s make like a drunk raccoon (but not the ones with distemper who we hope will get well very soon) and get this party started!

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Cheers Pink Ears!

I think I officially became the family pierogi lady. This week three different family members contacted me about pierogi making advice. I never would have predicted this as a child. I will give advice and fight you (and win) that my non traditional way to cook them is better. Anyone else have a family role thrust upon them unexpectedly?