Armie Hammer Vows to Exercise Better 'Twitter Impulse Control'

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Armie Hammer has apologized for posting a selfie on the occasion of Stan Lee’s death with the caption, “So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee… no better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself.”


Many people got mad at him, apparently it was a whole thing! Remember a time when 48 hours wasn’t an eternity?

The Dean Morgan (ass)hat tip refers to his comment on Hammer’s since-deleted tweet, which reads “Looks like you found a new way to use others ways of mourning and their memories to draw some attention to yourself.”

Was Hammer’s original tweet so bad? Not really. Should he work on his Twitter impulse control? Maybe just, like, don’t skip breakfast.

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Ariana Grande got a haircut! Or removed her pony tail weave? Or selected a filter that replaces your pony tail with a fresh asymmetrical hairstyle?


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Stay warm out there, and remember:


  • Nice Thanksgiving plan, Meghan Markle! I love this bit of reasoning, per a source: “Since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in England, there are no plans to have a dinner so it’s the perfect chance for her to host something.” Thanksgiving is the perfect chance to plan a dinner party cause no one is doing anything, duh! [Hollywood Life]
  • Oh no, Amy Schumer has been hospitalized for “severe nausea and vomiting.” She is pregnant with her first child. [E! News]
  • Teresa [Giudice] is absolutely heartbroken over the news that Joe will not be allowed back into America once he’s deported.” [Hollywood Life]
  • Got to up my game now that Beto is a blogger. [Medium]

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I don’t think Hammer is wrong, though. Some of it does seem like shameless self-promotion whenever someone else famous dies.