Gwyneth Paltrow Says Being Famous Is 'A Hindrance' to Goop's Success

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Gwyneth Paltrow sure has overcome a lot!

Her lifestyle brand Goop, worth $250 million in healing vagina eggs and other various glamorous scams, may very well double its annual revenue this year, Deadline reports. Still, it’s challenging to be a lady in business, especially if you’re a celebrity, you know?


Paltrow addressed her struggle during a Wall Street Journal’s Tech D. Live conference Tuesday night, telling the audience, “Being an actress, it was really helpful to get meetings. Sometimes a guy would want a selfie for his wife, or to tell me how much they love The Royal Tenenbaums… It very quickly became a hindrance.”

I cannot imagine the horror of walking into a pitch meeting and having someone adore you immediately. Harrowing, absolutely harrowing. And to request a photo? A selfie? Why? TO STEAL HER SOUL?

She also said some other stuff like, “I think it’s great to defend your business. It’s great to articulate why you’re doing what you’re trying to do,” and “On the content side we like to move the needle. We like to start discussions…. that people are sometimes surprised by. The content is really important for the commerce piece,” which is business speak for mostly nothing.

Goop on, Gwyn!.

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And here I thought Goop’s failure to thrive was the fact that it’s hocus-pocus neo-new-wave crunchy-granola hyphenate-everything bullshit.

Gwyneth is Gretchen Weiners apologizing for her popularity.