Apparently, We Can All Agree That Pete Davidson is a Dick. Now What to Make of Dan Crenshaw?

Last week, after the dust from the saga of “Thank U, Next” settled, many people re-watched Davidson’s SNL segment to find that between jokes about the breakup, Davidson had also made fun of a veteran who lost his eye in Afghanistan.


“You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hit-man in a porno movie,” Davidson said of Dan Crenshaw, the 34-year-old veteran from Texas who just won a seat in Congress.

On Saturday, Crenshaw popped round to “Weekend Update” for a pretty typical SNL redirect, saying Pete Davidson looks like “If the meth from Breaking Bad was a person” and taunting him with an Ariana Grande ringtone.

“For one day, the left and the right finally came together to agree on something, that I’m a dick,” Davidson told the audience.

At the end of the sketch, Davidson and Crenshaw also came together to offer a message of unity for Veteran’s Day:

“When you say ‘never forget,’ you are implying that as an American you are in it with them, not separated by a barrier between civilians and veterans,” Crenshaw said. “Never forget those we lost in war, and never forget those we lost on 9/11, like Pete’s father.”

Earlier in the sketch, Crenshaw thanked Davidson for “making a Republican look good.”

But SNL isn’t the only outlet making Crenshaw look good. This morning, The Washington Post ran a profile of Crenshaw that casts him, literally, as a Chris Pratt-style action hero turned Congressman, all before the age of 40:

Six years after getting blown up, he can still see a bit of debris floating in his cornea. His bad eye? Well, his bad eye is gone. Under his eye patch is a false eye that is deep blue. At the center of it, where a pupil should be, is the gold trident symbol of the Navy SEALs. It makes Dan Crenshaw look like a Guardian of the Galaxy.


Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye to an IED in Afghanistan; he’s also a rising star in Texas politics. After earning a degree in public policy from Harvard, Crenshaw was looking for a job in Washington. Instead, according to the Post, found himself running for office instead.

While Crenshaw was looking for a policy job on Capitol Hill, an adviser to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) took one look at him and, before they even sat down to talk, told him to run for office.


And it’s easy to see what Cotton saw. Crenshaw is cute, accessible, kinda cool. Just the face Republicans need right now, weeks after memes of a red-faced, petulant Brett Kavanaugh had the internet labeling him (and by extension all Republicans) an entitled man-baby.

Crenshaw isn’t that. Despite being decades younger than most of his colleagues, Crenshaw seems like a dude’s dude who could effortlessly pick up chicks at a dive bar. Even his injury isn’t a big deal; he doesn’t mind Davidson making fun of it, he just wishes the joke had been funny, according to an appearance on Fox News.


But what does he think? What are his plans? Policies? Who knows, since the Post mostly just tells us he’s awesome. However, the profile suggests that even Crenshaw himself might not be so sure:

In a 2015 Facebook post flagged by one of his opponents, Crenshaw called then-candidate Donald Trump an idiot and referred to his rhetoric on Muslims as “insane,” according to the Texas Tribune. Three years later, Crenshaw says he supports the president’s policies, save for the trade warfare, but prefers to comport himself in a manner that is the total opposite of the commander in chief’s.


Crenshaw goes on to explain that he both does and doesn’t support Trump’s rhetoric.

“His style is not my style,” Crenshaw says now. “I’ll just say that. It’s never how I would conduct myself. But what readers of The Washington Post need to understand is that conservatives can hold multiple ideas in their head at the same time. We can be like, ‘Wow he shouldn’t have tweeted that,’ and still support him . . . You can disapprove of what the president says every day, or that day, and still support his broader agenda.”


After this week’s kinda funny SNL spot and that complete non-answer, it definitely sounds like Crenshaw’s ready for Washington.


Being a Navy SEAL doesn’t automatically make you an awesome person. Look at Zinke and Hunter Duncan.

His policies are what matters. That he flipped from calling Trump a moron to supporting him already shows he’s a groomed politician.