Jenna Dewan Has a New Boyfriend Who Does Not Look Like Channing Tatum

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Still, he is quite attractive!

Jenna Dewan, who split from husband Channing Tatum in April, is reportedly in a relationship again, this time with Steve Kazee, a 43-year-old actor on TV and Broadway (he’s won a Tony for his role in “Once”!). According to Us Weekly, the two were making out at a sexy Halloween tequila party over the weekend.

Earlier this month it was reported that Tatum has been dating singer Jessie J, who doesn’t not resemble Dewan and could scarcely resemble her more, especially in a hair-and-face-symmetry kind of way.

Steve looks like every guy named Steve.


[Us Weekly]

Here’s Debra Winger being kind of difficult in the direction of Andrew Cohen. The game is Plead the Fifth! but maybe it should be called What Thanksgiving Dinner on the Set of Terms of Endearment Might Be Like…it’s tense.


Happy Halloween! Be aware of your surroundings!

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I know nothing of Steve Kazee outside of this but I am super. into. this.