Saturday Night Social's Get the Look: Wearing a Monkey on Your Face

Tfw you know full well that you’re getting tagged on Instagram tomorrow morning, but you’re going out anyway. Cara Delevingne is a Saturday night inspiration to us all.

The monkey is clearly a jumping-off point, but if you want to look just like Cara, you could probably start with an Adorable Hug Monkey Plush Toy Soft Stuffed Animal Doll Xmas Christmas Birthday Valentine Gift ($46.99 plus $6.00 shipping) via AngelGift. But go nuts! Amazon dot com is a vast ecosystem of plushie-wraparound creatures.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Becky Taylor

A few years ago when I started going back to school, I came on Jezebel and posted about it and some people were saying “Go you!” And praising me for being a woman seeking a degree in engineering (I didn’t even mention I was 40 at the time, so not just a woman, but a middle aged woman). And it was so fantastic to have that encouragement at a time when I was taking a big risk. I don’t remember who it was who gave me that encouragement, but I am back to share that in two months I will graduate (at 45!) and I’ve passed the test to become licensed as an Engineer in Training, and I’m now doing job interviews and fielding offers for big money. Since I can’t remember who it was who was so encouraging and kind, I wanted to thank the community more generally for being a place that I can come and read articles and comments that validate my experiences as a woman and hearten me to keep trying.  I’m from a very red state, so a lot of the feedback I get in my day to day life doesn’t do any of that.  So thanks, guys!