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Cracker Barrel Recalls 'Driftwood Pineapple' Due to Risk of Injury

Did you buy a decorative pineapple made of driftwood and galvanized metal at Cracker Barrel between June 6 and August 4? If so, you have brought danger into your home. Danger!!!


Today reported that the “old country store” (pretty sure no real old country store ever carried a pineapple made of driftwood and galvanized metal) has issued a recall for the items, which cost $40, because “metal leaves on top of pineapple may be sharp and cause a cut.” In fact, according to information from the Consumer Products Safety Commission, “Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has received two reports of consumers cutting their fingers on the metal leaves on the pineapples, resulting in one injury that required stitches.”

You can return your pineapple for a full refund. Or perhaps you’d like to swap it for an alternative pineapple decoration?

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

Dangerous Pineapples shall be my new band’s name. Or maybe Galvanized Metal Leaves.

I should learn to play an instrument.