The Newest Support Animal To Cause Chaos On Planes: Squirrels

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I am not going to knock support animals, but is this a safe space to talk about many of them wreak havoc on flights?


Earlier this year a woman was prohibited from bringing an emotional support hamster onto a plane and says she was asked to flush her hamster down the toilet. Emotional support peacocks might also get you kicked off a flight, as do support pigs. But mini-horses, according to Southwest, are totally fine.

And now we can add support squirrels to the growing list of wild support animals, according to one woman who was reportedly kicked off a flight for bringing one of the critters on a flight. AP News reports that passengers on a Florida flight on Tuesday heading to Cleveland were instructed to get off the plane due to “a situation.” When one passenger Brandon Nixon asked a flight attendant if there were any updates he told the AP, “all she said was ‘a squirrel.’”

A squirrel. A squirrel!

Turns out a passenger had brought on an “emotional support” squirrel onto the Frontier flight, which are prohibited along with rodents. Police were called when she refused to leave and upon being escorted through the terminal was reportedly “pumping her fist in the air as she clutched her carry-on bag with the squirrel on her lap.”

Well, at least it was in a carry-on bag?

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Look, reasonable people can disagree on the extent to which emotional support pets are acceptable in various public settings, but shouldn’t we all be able to agree that wild animals are not appropriate emotional support pets? They are wild animals. Animals with thousands of years of history of domestication, okay. They can deal with things like being crated/leashed and hauled around the incredible chaos of a human airport if they’ve been properly trained, but it isn’t in the DNA of a wild animal. That kind of thing is just mean to the animal. And irresponsible to the people surrounding it - they carry diseases against which we don’t have robust immunity because we haven’t evolved together. And you’re going to encounter lots of people with compromised immunity on your travels, because that’s the law of large numbers. Don’t be dumb.