Model Slick Woods Went Into Labor at Rihanna's Fashion Show After Walking Runway

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An incredible story to tell one’s grandkids!

At Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show in Brooklyn Wednesday night, Slick Woods modeled a body harness while extremely pregnant—so pregnant, in fact, that TMZ reports she started going into labor at the fashion show. Paramedics reportedly took Woods to the nearest hospital.


It’s not clear whether the baby has been born yet, but it’s expected to be a boy named Saphir, who will inevitably be Gorgeous x Gorgeous because his dad, Adonis Bosso, is a model too.

Can’t be certain there wasn’t an outfit change at the hospital, but pretty sure giving birth in a body harness is an extreme sport.


A little on the late side but for the record! (Polls close at 9.)

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