Harry and Meghan Got a Dog, Just FYI

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What’s next for Harry and Meghan, other than a series of royal tours to bolster Brand Britain around the world after the United Kingdom shut its collective finger in the car door with Brexit? Getting a dog, obviously.


People has confirmed this news, noting that, “Harry and Meghan’s move mirrors that of his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton, who got Cocker Spaniel Lupo shortly after their wedding.” Yes, and approximately 55 percent of all couples generally.

Now you get three tries as to which breed of dog. No, it’s not a corgi. And “some sort of spaniel” is a good guess, but falls just short of the mark: “The couple got the dogbelieved to be a Labradorin early summer, and the pooch has been joining them at their country getaway in the Cotswolds area and Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace in London,” said People, citing an unnamed source.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to print this information off and stuff it into a thick manila folder labeled, “Ways the royals are just like rich white Southerners.”

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I am normally the first to defend famous people’s right to privacy but I swear that if we do not get high quality photos of this dog soon I will single-handedly topple the British monarchy. I will trade you every single photo of any children this or any other royal couple has or will have (from baptism to wedding to funeral) in exchange of pictures of this possible Labrador. Indoor pictures of the Labrador snoozing, outdoor pictures of the Labrador gamboling and every single instance of blepping (indoor AND outdoor.)