Why Tweet When You Can Text?

Kim taking it to the group text, no doubt.
Kim taking it to the group text, no doubt.
Image: Backgrid

People are tweeting, this week and always. Poorly considered takes, myopic loyalties, slow drips of neurosis, and things we should conceal from others but instead, indulging our confessional urges or a drive toward self-sabotage, share publicly. When I see the tweets I wonder: Do they not have group text?


Whenever I consider tweeting, I ask myself two questions:

1. Is this about grapes?

2. Is this for group text?



What do you tweet about?

Senior editor, Jezebel


No. Fuck group texts.

Bring me back to five people talking over each other on different landline phones. I will take that over 15 text notifications, half of which are ‘k’.