Princess Eugenie Busted for Off-Limits Palace 'Gramming

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First, it was the absolute exclusion of pasta from the menu at Buckingham Palace, despite Meghan Markle’s love of pasta. And now, Princess Eugenie has reported she got a little knuckle-rapping for posting a picture of her father in a corridor strictly off-limits to the filthy, teeming masses the royals know as their subjects. Nothing but rules, rules, and more rules!

People plucked this perfect anecdote about the York branch of the family from British Vogue’s joint interview with Eugenie and her sister, Beatice:

Eugenie snapped a photo of her dad, Prince Andrew, during Trooping the Colour in June to celebrate his first time riding on horseback during the parade. (Andrew was recently appointed Colonel of the Grenadier Guards following the retirement of his father, Prince Philip, last year.)

However, the shot gave her nearly 300,000 followers an unintended peek behind the royal curtains.

“I recently got in trouble for posting a picture of Papa in a corridor of the palace that was off-limits to the public,” she told the magazine.


What’s even the point of being a princess if you can’t Instagram from off-limits corridors of Buckingham Palace?

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Oh no! Not a blue hallway full of old paintings! Essie, bring my fainting chair and the smelling salts! I’m about to have the vapors!

(Ok for some reason, in my head, this is coming out Southern, not British.)