That Is Miss Lindsay Lohan Vanderpump to You

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It is true, Lindsay Lohan is reinventing again with a Vanderpump Rules-inspired reality show about her Mykonos beach club, the first of the resort chain she’s planning. A source tells Page Six that it will be “cooler, hipper, edgier” version.


You can glimpse said “edge” in last month’s New York Times profile, for which Gabrielle Bluestone [disclaimer: former Jezebel staffer] went all the way to Greece, and Lohan almost didn’t come out because she had a cold and then talked about how she wanted peace and quiet and that’s about it.

I guess hopefully her friend Tiffany makes an appearance.

[Page Six]

Offset was arrested after–what else–a traffic stop. Police searched the car and found three handguns and less than an ounce of marijuana; TMZ reports he’s been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime, possession of marijuana, and an improper lane change. His bodyguard Senay Gezahgn was also in the car and also arrested.

Cardi B has announced via Instagram story that he’s home now.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Meghan Markle’s family is milking the media circuit. Her dad’s all over the place, her nephew is getting his own reality series, and her relentless shit-talking half-sister Samantha is landing on British Celebrity Big Brother now, which has become the primary venue for fame-adjacent people to drop their nuggets. The rumor mill has it that the palace won’t let her to talk to them to tell them to CUT IT.

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I wish Meghan had some family on her mom’s side who were decent, supportive people to counterbalance the insanity of her dad’s family. A kind cousin who was a confidant who she could go shopping with or something (like the Pippa to Kate). It must be so difficult doing it all alone with her mom all the way in LA