Anna Wintour Is a Sneakerhead Now

AWOK.. Jordans
AWOK.. Jordans
Screenshot: YouTube

If Anna Wintour, a woman whose eyes are just large Chanel sunglasses, is making her own pair of Jordans, does that mean hypebeasts are over?

Page Six reports that Wintour has teamed up with Nike to create two Vogue-approved iterations of the Air Jordan 1 “in red or white leather with a crimson tongue concealed by a key-ring zipper” and the Air Jordan 3 SE in “an homage to her legendary Chanel power suits and signature black sunglasses.” The latter will have a tweed upper, just like the aforementioned suits. Both sneakers will come encased in a very practical suede dust bag that you will be able to find on eBay for roughly $1,000 after the release, and will also come with a keychain that says “Edited by Vogue.”

Great news for Wintour, who is diversifying her personal brand by appealing to hypebeasts and Instagram fashion-fluencers alike, both of whom likely try to purchase said sneakers and flex. And great news for streetwear; if Virgil Abloh’s appointment to Louis Vuitton as artistic director wasn’t the death knell, then Anna Wintour signing her signature approval “AWOK” on the sole of a freaking Air Jordan is certainly something!


Here, watch Anna wear a pair of sneakers and do sports.

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What’s up with the sunglasses? I know she said she wore them at fashion shows so that no one would know where her gaze might linger - which sounds like bullshit but I’ll allow. Here she is in her office - so what’s up with that.